A story of fragrances and sentiments
that means
Family ...

Angela Biga was born in Battifollo and grew up here. Her whole life, she never wanted to live anywhere else.

Angela’s trade runs in the family; her father, a farmer by vocation and a baker by passion, learned his trade from his uncles and bought the bakery that he decided to call Primo Pan.

This was just after the Second World War, and since then the bakery’s output has been based on paying the utmost attention and care to the ingredients.

Angela was born and grew up surrounded by these baking aromas that she decided she wanted to “smell” for the rest of her life.


where respect and love
are Values ...

This great love story would soon be decorated with a new star. Angela met Silvano Giamello, whom she would marry not long after, creating a partnership that was not merely romantic. Silvano also married Angela’s life philosophy, meaning Respect and love for the local area, Wholesomeness, Manual skill, and Creativity.

Together they decided to experiment with making bakery products that were strictly locally sourced, and midway through the ’90s they created “Le foglie di Mais”, corn biscuits based on the traditional bakery product from the Cuneo area. They were a great success!

that are behind
Natural success...

You can tell they were pioneers because they adopted the Organic concept 30 years before it became the norm for anyone who wants top quality food. It came to them naturally, as they really believed in what they were doing. It wasn’t a marketing choice as is the case today.

Giving friends and acquaintances the chance to taste these biscuits, enjoying their enthusiastic reactions, is just the start of a new adventure with biscuits that have become cult items