Primo Pan Biscuits
are made like this
every day ...

During the night the bakery works flat out to make the bread that will be delivered to Battifollo and other villages in the valley. Then begins the production of Primo Pan biscuits, following the rules of the family tradition. When you arrive in Battifollo you don’t need to ask for directions, just follow the scent!

with locally sourced ingredients
like stoneground flour ...

What do all Primo Pan biscuits have in common?
First and foremost, only organic flours are used. The rigorous selection process adopted today has led to choosing flour from Mulino Sobrino in La Morra (CN), which uses prestigious varieties of wheat from the Langhe, from which flours come that are processed using artisan techniques and stoneground, that do not contain added enzymes, lactose, acidifiers, thickeners, gelling agents … or other chemicals.

Butter from Piedmont
the real thing ...

Then there’s Piedmontese butter from Azienda Agricola Fusero di Savigliano (CN), where the Frisona breed is farmed and where the animals are fed with hay and fodder produced directly by the farm. Butter has been made here since 1889, a compact but creamy butter, made with fresh cream using a traditional dairy churning method. Could all these reasons be why it’s the butter of choice for the great Michelin-starred pastry chefs?

Exceptional eggs
and PGI hazelnuts ...

The eggs come from “Olivero Claudio” organic farm
of Monasterolo di Savigliano (CN).
Here the hens are free to roam outdoors and are fed with organic feed grown on the farm, at km 0. This is why they produce exceptional eggs, in full respect of nature.

What about the hazelnuts? They are 100% PGI Piedmont, from Ghiandaia, a farm in the Langhe run by the same family for generations. They have been farming organically here since 1992, on land located at an altitude between 500 and 800 metres above sea level. The hazelnuts are grown so as to preserve the land’s natural fertility and on the company premises the grinding and packaging take place, with total control over the production chain.

Uova Primo Pan
Sabre paste di grano saraceno
Mongia Rey biscotti di castagne

Water and Mountain Air
Forms inspired by Nature ...

Finally, there are two exceptional ingredients: pure fresh spring water and the exceptional mountain air that you can breathe in Battifollo. This is why nature inspires the shapes and names of cookies. Each cookie tells the story of Battifollo.​