Informativa sui Cookies

What is a cookie?

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. On each subsequent visit, the cookies are sent back to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or to another site that recognizes them (third-party cookies).

Cookies are useful and serve various purposes such as, for example, allowing you to navigate efficiently between pages, remember your favourite sites and, in general, improve your browsing experience.

They also help to ensure that the advertising content you see online is more targeted to you and your interests (targeting cookies).

Cookies can be temporary, which have a limited duration to the visit and are deleted when the browser is closed, or permanent cookies, which remain stored on the device even after leaving the website or otherwise closing the browser: these cookies remain until their scheduled expiration or until they are manually deleted by the user.

Use of cookies by
As with most websites, a visit to the com website involves the use of cookies to enhance the user experience.

The cookies used on the website are only “technical” cookies, i.e., designed to allow you to navigate between pages efficiently.

The cookies used are:

Session (or technical) cookies: temporary that allow the user to access personalized services and take full advantage of the functionality of the site.
Analysis cookies: both temporary and permanent, they allow the collection of aggregate information relating to user behavior on the site and thus improve the experience and content provided. The information collected in this way has no personal value as the data is collected and analyzed anonymously. We specifically use Google Analytics* cookies in the manner outlined on this page.
We do not use cookies for marketing purposes (targetingcookies) or to profile user behavior while browsing. We also do not use third-party cookies.

Please refer to the site of the guarantor for any further information on the legislation governing the matter.

It is possible to enable or disable all or part of the cookies, or delete already defined cookies, by modifying the relative settings from the Help menu of the internet browser. By doing so, it is important to know that all the interactive functions of the website will no longer be available.

Accepting or rejecting cookies is your right
By default, browsers generally accept the use of cookies both from our website and from third party websites. However, you can change these settings.

To manage the use of cookies, you will need to change your browser settings via its toolbar.

Below are links to resources that describe how to manage cookies for the most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: delete cookies; block site cookies
Google Chrome: managing cookies
Safari: cookie management
Internet Explorer: managing cookies
It is possible to disable Google Analytics cookies by visiting Google’s web page (Google GaOptOut) and downloading the add-on for the browser used.

Please note that if you change or customize cookie preferences, the same must be set for each device and each browser used to browse the internet.

In order to allow the website to function properly, take advantage of its functionality and use it in its entirety, we recommend that you accept the use of both our and third party cookies.

A list of the cookies used can be consulted in our constantly updated privacy policy.