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Battifollo biscuits

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Once upon a time and to this very day
there's a bakery in
Battifollo ...

There are stories that appear to be fairy tales, because their roots lie way back in the past or because they remind you of when you were a child.

This is the story of Primo Pan, a family-run company that was founded at the end of the ’40s in a wonderful small village in the Ligurian Alps, where Angela Biga and her husband Silvano carry on the family tradition of bakery items made with top quality raw ingredients: welcome to the fantastic world of biscuits from Battifollo

where unique Biscuits
created by expert hands...

Today like back then, the tradition and quality that go into making biscuits are the same, as is our bond with the local area and love for our old recipes. In this world that moves at a pace that sometimes seems too fast, Primo Pan keeps to the natural rhythm of things done well, taking the right amount of time and care. This is the most precious recipe behind our unique Primo Pan biscuits. It’s the main reason that the taste buds are tickled with every bite.

with carefully selected Wholesome ingredients...

Battifollo means Primo Pan. Together they mean top quality biscuits. Using local and organic, stoneground and wholegrain flours, butter exclusively from Piedmont and hens’ eggs from cage-free hens means we can make mouth-watering products that have a strong connection with our local area.

Primopan burro

to be tried with our Recipes and Pairings...

The whole range of Primo Pan biscuits follows these few basic rules: excellent flavour, excellent ingredients and, most importantly, a strong connection with the local area, which is also reflected in the names of the biscuits. Chestnuts, hazelnuts, wholegrain cereals, buckwheat. Our farro cereal biscuit too is made using experimental methods in the Langhe. And it’s no surprise that the recipes and pairings naturally speak the same language.

...flavours of corn, hazelnut, cereals, farro
and lots of other Naturally Good ingredients!